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This is a once in a lifetime chance – a chance to test yourself, your strength, your spirit, everything you are capable of!
We give you this chance and announce “The Great Baikal Swim”.
In summer 2021 on July 12-13 only 8 marathon swimmers from different countries will gather on the shores of the greatest, deepest and yet unconquered lake Baikal. They will have to cross Baikal as well as part of Siberia along the great Angara river. Starting in the Far East, finishing in the capital of Eastern Siberia, the old city of Irkutsk which is rightly called the center of the Earth
30 hours without sleep and rest changing each other, 120 kilometers or 65 miles.
We announce the beginning of the registration
Show your strength, become part of history. Be the first!
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the village of Vydrino




city of Irkutsk


Marathon team

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Russia, Moscow

Participant of swims across the Bosphorus, Volga, lake Geneva, lake SCAR in Arizona, around Manhattan and many others

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Italy, Genova

- sailed the Catalina Strait, marathon on Manhattan Island, marathon in Tampa Bay Swim, world record at the intersection of Lake Garda (54 km), swam 1000 meters in Antarctica, sailed around the world on Lake Garda (Italy) for 160 km, setting a world record

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Argentina, Capitan Bermudez

Repeated medalist of the World Championships in winter swimming, world cups in ice swimming.World champion in 1000 m freestyle in category 25-29. 5th place in the FINA Grand Prix (2016) Swam in the reservoirs of Canada, Russia, Italy, Macedonia, Germany, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland. Currently the first swimmer from South America and the youngest competitor in Antarctica.
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France, Wimereux

4 solo crossings English Channel including one two way in 2020 ( time 34h45, first Frenchman to do it) and one relay. / Round Manhattan/ Round Jersey /12 hours of Dubaï / Round Taquile island on the lake Titicaca ( alt 3950m) / Crossings in Oman ( fjords )

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South Africa, Johannesburg

Midmar 2020 16 mile Colin GLUCH (#703) 09:53:47 (8th & 9th February 2020) / Durban – Umhlanga 18Km 6:01:30 (9th November 2019) / Midmar 2019 16 mile Colin GLUCH (#705) 09:11:24 (9th & 10th February 2019) / English Channel 11 September 2016 – 11:17 (DNF) / South Africa 1st IISA National Champ (Fri, 14 Aug 2015 - Sat, 15 Aug 2015); Matroosberg, Western Cape, South Africa - Freestyle 20:11:00 (water 7°)

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The youngest swimmer in the world and the first Moroccan to link the 5 Continents swimming "Moroccan Swim Around The World expedition". 1st Moroccan: to accomplish an Ice Mile Swim in Morocco; to participate in the ULTRAMAN Australia triathlon; to participate and flag holder in the IISA World Championship of Ice Swimming in Murmansk; to participate and finalize the World Marathon Challenge Running 7 Marathons (295kms) in 7 Consecutive Days (168 hours) on 7 Continents; to finalize the World Championship of SwimRun ÖtillÖ in 13 hours 30 minutes.
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Here are just some of her achievements: • swim across the English Channel (the first representative from Kazakhstan) August 2019 • swim La Bocaina 16km, Canary Islands October 2019 • SCAR swim, USA April 2018 • oceanman Benidorm 10km, October 2017 • Relay Arch to Arc / Enduromen (Triathlon with swimming stage across the English Channel) June 2019 • ultraman Canada (ultra triathlon) August 2015 • ironman Zurich 2013, Langkawi 2014, Barcelona 2015.

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Jaimie Monahan is a Guinness World Record holding ultramarathon and ice swimmer from New York City who has enjoyed open water swimming on all seven continents. /As an Honor Inductee of both the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame and Ice Swimming Hall of Fame, Jaimie has completed non-stop, unassisted swims up to 114 miles (183 km) in distance and more than 45 hours in duration, pioneering new swim routes and setting course records in some of the world’s most beautiful and iconic locations./She has represented the United States with swims in over 30 countries and was the first person in history to complete an ice mile on all Seven Continents and the “Ice Sevens Challenge," including the coldest air temperature for an ice mile ever recorded, a 30 minute mile swim (1.6 km) in 0C water and -30C air.
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